Covid Vaccine Programme Update

Please do not contact the surgery to book a Covid-19 Vaccination or ask to be put on a reserve list – we will contact you when it is your turn. 

We have now contacted, and vaccinated, the vast majority of our patients in cohorts 1 – 3. If you are aged 75 years or OLDER, and have not been invited or vaccinated, please get in touch; we want to hear from you! Please use our website to send a message to the Covid Booking Team at: The Boathouse Surgery (

We will now start inviting our patients in cohort 4, starting with those that are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable. If you are aged UNDER 75 years PLEASE DO NOT call, message or contact us to book your vaccine or enquire when you might hear from us – we WILL be in touch with you. We do not run a reserve list for patients below the current cohort being invited, so please do not ask us about this either. Please help us keep our surgery lines free so that patients seeking medical attention can get through and we can continue to provide our regular healthcare services to our patients.

We are now using an online booking system. Patients with a mobile number registered will receive a text from us, The Boathouse Surgery, with a link to book your slot. A confirmation text and reminder text will follow once booked. Please read our clinic and vaccine information page at: The Boathouse Surgery ( If you are having issues using the link to book, please get in touch via our website and our booking team will give you a call: The Boathouse Surgery (

If you do not have a mobile number, please don’t worry, our Booking Team will call you on your landline to get you booked in.

Health or Social care workers – you will be invited to attend for vaccination at the hospital hub in Wokingham. They are responsible for vaccinating this group; please see further information on our website: The Boathouse Surgery (

We appreciate this is a very anxious time for many of you, but we are unable to give any indication of when further cohort groups will be invited for vaccine. We receive a weekly email advising how many of which vaccine we will receive the following week, which has been variable to date. This makes it near impossible to forecast how quickly we might move through the cohorts.

We appreciate your ongoing support and patience. Stay Safe!