Statement regarding Oxford / AstraZeneca Vaccine

UPDATE The European Union’s medicines regulator has reiterated there is no indication that the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccine causes blood clots

We would like to reassure our patients as we know some of you are, understandably, concerned regarding recent reports of the Oxford / AstraZeneca (Ox/AZ) vaccine being suspended in some European Countries.

The MHRA has declared the Ox/AZ vaccine to be safe.
The EMA is still investigating the reports about the Ox/AZ vaccine and the blood clots but to date there is no evidence that the blood clots were caused by the vaccine
To date, over 17 million doses of the Ox/AZ vaccine have been administered across Europe and the UK, the number of blood clot cases does not exceed the number expected in the general population.
Blood clots are not rare. There are many factors that can make people more prone to getting blood clots – smoking, obesity, and taking certain contraception, it can also be genetic.
Please also remember that contracting Covid-19 DOES pose a real risk of getting a blood clot, or far worse

Please also note, we’re not expecting further supplies of Pfizer for first doses, so please do not ask to switch to a Pfizer clinic.